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Brighten a Senior’s Day III

                     I’m happy to announce

front-cover-small  Brighten a Senior’s Day III  

 Available in Amazon —
and Kindle

If you don’t know yet what to get your dear
senior friend or relative this may be just the right present.

And if you don’t have the first two volumes yet…well then you have the option of buying the three- book- set of Brighten a Senior’s Day.

Another volume of laughs, entertaining short stories and poems, to lift and lighten the reader’s and/or listener’s mood.

All stories have a happy ending,
an uplifting tilt, never boring,
come right to the point, and always entertaining.
In conclusion:  suggested discussion topics follow-up the short stories.



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Brighten a Senior’s Day, Volume II

If someone came up to me a year ago and would have told me I will publish three books within a year, I would have rolled my eyes back, and huffed, “Are you kidding? I just hope I get one book out”.

It took over 18 years till I completed my first novel, WINGS ON HER HEELS. Of course there were years of pauses in between… and I’ve lost count as to how many times I edited my book. So naturally I thought if I ever should write another book, it would go along those same lines.


But Brighten a Senior’s Day is different. First of all Volume one and two are both under 100 pages. I suppose you could describe them as coffee table books or small gift books which consist of a collection of my poems and short stories.  Brighten a Senior’s Day, volume I went so well, and I received so many requests for a sequel – that I decided to write Brighten a Senior’s Day II.

There’s really nothing quite as humdrum as visiting 90-year-old Aunt Clara  in the old age home, and not really knowing what to say to  make her  feel better. So… just bring along Brighten A Senior’s Day, and read out loud to her. I guarantee you, at least you’ll feel better, and hopefully Aunt Clara too.

I chose a few excerpts to give you an idea what to expect in Brighten a Senior’s Day II.

I want to thank all my avid readers for your loyal support.  The price is as low as I’m allowed to go. In exchange, please leave a comment under the Amazon reviews. I really need them… just for appearance sake. Lol… I sure would appreciate it. Thank you so much, and happy reading!                                                                                                                         

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I’ve copied some of my reviews posted in Amazon…

I want to thank geki mamuth-2 Kopiethose readers who have taken the time to  comment. It is truly the bread and  water for every author. And if your review is a positive one… well it’s a five course meal with desert! Thank you, thank you …. you are all so very kind!!!

Just a few of my helpful
    5 STAR  customer reviews! 

From the first page on, I couldn’t put WINGS ON HER HEELS down. It’s about a small town girl following her inner longings. Beautiful, as well as, frightening scenes result in a cascade of realistic, and sometimes breathless events.
I loved this book!!… Not a dull moment. It carried me from – cozy, touching, tender, moments to – sitting on the edge of my seat – moments. I’m definitely going to read it again. And I truly hope to see more of Angelika Schwarz’s works.

Gripping, Vibrant and Impossible to Put the Book Down – I Love This Story!

My copy of Wings on Her Heels just arrived in the mail this morning, and I’m already so hooked on this story, it’s impossible to put it down! The story is riveting, the characters are so vivid and endearing that I’m finding myself feeling as if I’m actually there with them. The writing is vibrant and captivating right from the first page! Hubby made me put the book down long enough to eat supper, and I just wanted to drop in here to write this review before diving back in and getting blissfully lost in Melanie’s story again! By far the best book I’ve read in ages. I really like that the paperback version is written in larger print than many books today, it’s so much easier on my eyes.

WOW…. I certainly did not expect that, I’m not a big book critic so all I can say its a great story, very exciting and a must read!!!


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