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Seeking reviewers for my books

Drink tea, read, be happy…

Hello Authors in happy writing land.  Would anyone be interested in exchanging book reviews?  If any of my books appeal to you, then let me know. Maybe we can help one another out.

My aim is to form a pool of authors who each enter a book to be reviewed. Then a ‘pool moderator’ psuedo – randomly assigns a book to each member, (making sure not to assign any 1:1 pairings). That way, nobody will feel obligated to provide a dishonest review.

You can contact me here:  (just copy and post)

I’ll get back to you. Thank you.

It certainly would make things easier if your book costs as much as mine. But if not, there are other ways to solve the problem. 🙂

Book Prices: 

Brighten a Senior’s Day I:       Kindle edition  $4.02
Brighten a Senior’s Day II:      Paperback        $6.50
Brighten a Senior’s Day III:     Kindle edition   $4.07


Wings on her Heels:                 Kindle: $5.73  or Paperback $12.33
a romance/suspense novel 

I am look forward to getting to know you
and of course your book/s!


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