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Brighten a Senior’s Day III

                     I’m happy to announce

front-cover-small  Brighten a Senior’s Day III  

 Available in Amazon —
and Kindle

If you don’t know yet what to get your dear
senior friend or relative this may be just the right present.

And if you don’t have the first two volumes yet…well then you have the option of buying the three- book- set of Brighten a Senior’s Day.

Another volume of laughs, entertaining short stories and poems, to lift and lighten the reader’s and/or listener’s mood.

All stories have a happy ending,
an uplifting tilt, never boring,
come right to the point, and always entertaining.
In conclusion:  suggested discussion topics follow-up the short stories.



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Book Reviews


Have you read Brighten a Senior’s Day yet?  I started with a free-give-away,…

and  naturally hope you all enjoyed my book.

If you want to give an author a gift that costs nothing, but means the world to the author, then POST A REVIEW  in Amazon.

I truly hope you and/or your loved one enjoyed my table-top book. Letting an author know can make all the difference in the world on whether he or she should continue writing or not.

Wishing all my followers wonderful peaceful holidays. Drive carefully! And watch out for icy steps and slippery sidewalks.

See you next year.




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