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Brighten a Senior’s Day, Volume II

If someone came up to me a year ago and would have told me I will publish three books within a year, I would have rolled my eyes back, and huffed, “Are you kidding? I just hope I get one book out”.

It took over 18 years till I completed my first novel, WINGS ON HER HEELS. Of course there were years of pauses in between… and I’ve lost count as to how many times I edited my book. So naturally I thought if I ever should write another book, it would go along those same lines.


But Brighten a Senior’s Day is different. First of all Volume one and two are both under 100 pages. I suppose you could describe them as coffee table books or small gift books which consist of a collection of my poems and short stories.  Brighten a Senior’s Day, volume I went so well, and I received so many requests for a sequel – that I decided to write Brighten a Senior’s Day II.

There’s really nothing quite as humdrum as visiting 90-year-old Aunt Clara  in the old age home, and not really knowing what to say to  make her  feel better. So… just bring along Brighten A Senior’s Day, and read out loud to her. I guarantee you, at least you’ll feel better, and hopefully Aunt Clara too.

I chose a few excerpts to give you an idea what to expect in Brighten a Senior’s Day II.

I want to thank all my avid readers for your loyal support.  The price is as low as I’m allowed to go. In exchange, please leave a comment under the Amazon reviews. I really need them… just for appearance sake. Lol… I sure would appreciate it. Thank you so much, and happy reading!                                                                                                                         

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